Unix Shell Script

1.) Get started with Unix

  • What is Unix
  • Unix as an OS
  • Different Unix flavours
  • Features Of Unix
  • Unix – From the Architecture viewpoint
  • Power of Unix
  • Philosophy of working with Unix
  • Unix Login process

2.) File System in Unix

  • Partitions and Filesystems in Unix
  • Relevance of Inodes from the design perspective
  • Symbolic and Hard links
  • Files in Unix
  • Utility commands in File system
  • Hands-on exercises

3.) Starting with Unix Hands-on

  • Running commands
  • Unix man pages
  • Getting Help in Unix
  • Hands-on with the File System
  • Important directories and the filesystem hierarchy
  • Hands-on exercises

4.) Unix Pipes, Filters, Redirection

  • Standard I/O, Pipes in Unix
  • Coming to FD (File Descriptors)
  • What is Redirection in Unix
  • Redirection of Input and Output
  • Redirection of error stream
  • Redirection while in write mode
  • Use of pipes in Unix
  • Hands-on using pipes
  • Filters
  • Hands-on exercises

5.) VI editor

  • What is VI editor
  • Power of VI
  • Different modes in VI
  • Cursor Movement, Undo
  • Read, write, browse in VI
  • Copy, move, and remove in VI
  • Text searching in VI
  • Various useful commands, manipulations in VI
  • Hands-on exercises

6.) Unix Shell scripting

  • What is Shell scripting
  • Need of Shell scripting
  • Different types of Shell
  • Various shell string manipulators
  • Shell Basics
  • File name expansion
  • Command line substitution
  • Environment variables in shell script
  • Variables and String in shell script
  • Writing first shell script
  • Command line arguments for Command line arguments
  • Arithmetic calculations in shell script
  • Hands-on exercises

7.) Shell script constructs

  • Conditional execution of statement in shell script
  • Test command with various options (if..then, if..then…else, if…then…elif…else)
  • Live project scenarios using Test command – USP
  • Looping in shell script (for, while, until etc…)
  • Live project scenarios using Loops – USP
  • Hands-on exercises

8.) Sed Utility

  • What is sed
  • Get familiar with sed
  • Basic sed commands
  • When to use sed
  • File manipulations using Advance sed techniques
  • Live project scenarios using Sed – USP
  • Hands-on exercises

9.) Awk Utility

  • What is Awk
  • Get familiar with Awk
  • Basic Awk commands
  • When to use Awk over sed or any other file manipulative commands
  • File manipulations using Advance Awk techniques
  • Live project scenarios using Awk – USP
  • Hands-on exercises

10. Advanced Shell scripting

  • Use of advanced techniques in Shell scripting
  • Performance improvisation of shell scripts
  • Shell script interfacing with different Database (Oracle, DB2, Teradata, Sql loader, sql unloader, etc…) – USP
  • Live project scenarios for Shell script interfacing with different Database – USP
  • Live project scenarios incorporating sed utility in the script – USP
  • Live project scenarios incorporating awk utility in the script – USP
  • Problem-solving techniques in Shell scripting – USP
  • Tips for writing portable Shell scripts
  • Hands-on exercises